Paul Wilson – Unplugged Music and Recovery

Paul Wilson – Unplugged Music and Recovery

January 19, 2017 Recovery And Music 1

Paul Wilson - Sobriety Unplugged


Paul Wilson (Singer/Songwriter) Sobriety Unplugged – I started playing guitar in 65 after hearing the Bob Dylan song Desolation Row. I was mesmerized by him, and the song hit home with me. By 17 I had played in a couple of coffee houses and worked in a head shop, Golicombies Pottery. It was the 60s, the birth of sex drugs and rock and roll. I survived.

I got married young had kids and worked hard and was raising a family so music took a back seat. The booze and drugs were always there and got worse. I got divorced and became homeless at 38 and the next thing I knew I was 51 and dying. God’s Grace saved me and I found the rooms of recovery.

New live, new job, new guitar. I started writing and relearning with a fever pitch passion, but I couldn’t play out sober… unbelievable stage fright. With help of other musicians and my sponsor I worked through it.

I got involved with Rockers In Recovery® and it gave me a way to give back and show other addicts and alcoholics you can have fun in Recovery. I put together a family band with my son and grandson, three generations playing music how cool is that.

With the help of John Hollis I started Sobriety Unplugged to do smaller Unplugged venues . The music enhances my recovery and my recovery enhances my music.

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  1. Pat

    February 8, 2017

    On April 16, 2016, Paul Wilson a/k/a Sobriety Unplugged put on a musical fundraising event to help raise money for the 101 club.  The singer/songwriters that were there performed inspiring songs of recovery.  The event was a success.  I had a really great time and so did everyone else.

    Since then Paul Wilson has put on three (3) fundraising events.  One was a recovery related fundraiser.  Two others were for two homeless organization;  "Hope South Florida" and "Showering Love".


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